Gajanan Maharaj

On one fine morning, Shri Gajanan Maharaj left Shegaon in the early hours of morning and fast towards Adgaon. It was the month of Vaishakha, the Sun was bright. Hot winds blew everywhere. Maharaj was walking all the time from the morning and was now nearing Akoli. It was noon time. The Sun was hot in the sky. Maharaj was thirsty. The heat parched his lips. But there was no water anywhere.

Maharaj saw one farmer. His name was Bhaskar. He was working in a field. He had brought a pitcher of water and kept it under a bush. It was usual for a farmer. Maharaj saw Bhaskar and his water pot under a bush. Maharaj asked him for water to drink which was not the kindest thing in the world for a farmer to offer cool drinking water to a thirsty man. Maharaj begged Bhaskar for little water to quench his thirst. Bhaskar would not give it and also bombarded Maharaj with lots of bad words. Maharaj simply smiled at the moment and turned away and proceeded towards something which looked like a well. Bhaskar shouted and said - The Well is dry, you won’t find water anywhere within a couple of miles around here.

Maharaj said, May be, as you say, the well is dry, But men, women and children need water during these hot days, more so when they come to the fields.

If I pray for them, God may help me. So saying, Maharaj came near the well and looked into it, and then sat under a tree with eyes closed and prayed –

Oh Narayana, Wamana, Pradyumna, Raghava., Oh Vitthala, Narahari -

Water is scarce in this village. Children, women and men find it hard to live without water.

Oh Panduranga, You are great, you can work miracles. You made water available in the desert land of Rajasthan. Won’t you, oh Narayana, Do something for the people here? While Maharaj was still praying, Water gushed from the rocks and filled the well. There was a glow of happiness on Maharaj’s face. God is great. Things impossible become possible. Maharaj quenched his thirst with the fresh water.

Bhaskar’s surprise knew no bounds. That the well was totally dry for the last twelve years. How could this naked fakir fill it with cool water in a moment?

Surely he is no ordinary man. Bhaskar ran to him. He fell prostrate before Maharaj and cursed himself for having spoken harsh words and for having insulted Maharaj. He praised Maharaj.

Bhaskar said Maharaj- Please do not allure me any more. I know for certain, that the well was dry for so many years. It is you who have dynamited it with your miraculous power.This is no ordinary water. It is the spring of your love. II Gan Gan Ganat Bote II

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From Shegaon, where Gajanan Maharaj Temple is located, this place is 67 Kms away. One should visit this divine place, as "The Well" is from one of very few still exist-live miracles of Shri Gajanan Maharaj.
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